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From Old to New

Do you own a gun, maybe a favorite piece, but with the passage of time it has lost some of its appeal and luster?

Are there scratches on the stock or the system? Is the engraving somewhat worn? Maybe the latter does not appeal to you the way it is or you have had your fill of it, but then you would rather not part with the gun?

Or maybe you own an off-the-shelf gun and wish to have it embellished?


My motto is: There’s no such thing as “no can do”.


Whatever you require: Be it a new gunstock, a restoration of an engraving, a general overhaul or smaller aesthetic repairs – contact me for a non-binding consultation.


Did you know that a surface treatment can be removed and reapplied without any difficulty, using state-of-the-art vacuum annealing procedures?


Oftentimes it is possible to rework an older engraving or remove it completely in order to apply a new design without any hassle at all.


With distinct, precious accessories, for example with your personal pistol grip caps showing your monogram or crest, with an engraving of your signature, with individually crafted bolt handle butts, stock magazines and so forth, a weapon can be embellished with impressive results.


Even an installation of blank side plates is possible at a later time: adorned with an individually designed engraving, you can transform your “old” gun into a real gem.