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As the illustrations show, I use all the techniques known in the field of engraving hunting weapons. My business activities range from the “simple” FLAT PASS ENGRAVING, for example of local game animals, to very elaborate FEATHER-STITCH depictions.


African game, your own dog, portraits, buildings, perhaps an erotic scene: the choice is yours. Or you might decide on a carving, the so-called scrimshaw technique for fine BULINO and RELIEF ENGRAVINGS. Oftentimes only a combination of techniques will yield the perfect result.

My close cooperation and friendly contact to traditional manufacturers, such as gunsmiths, case-hardeners, goldsmiths and others, make it possible for me to develop an integrated overall concept for you, save you a lot of bothersome journeys and give you the expert consultation you deserve.


Expenditure of time and work: Smaller orders can oftentimes be attended to “in between”, but always with the greatest care. Naturally, the high expectations I have for the results of my work apply here as well. More complex orders require a production schedule as I wish to give every piece the attention that is due to it.


A note on costs: No two weapons are the same, no two engravings are the same – every piece of work differs from the next in design, build, material, engraved surface and consequently in complexity. Therefore, the costs cannot be fixed in an across-the-board pricing list. I charge by hours of work. This ranges from five to ten hours for simpler pieces of work and can take up to four weeks for more elaborate pieces. I would be happy to give you a non-binding estimate for the labor input after your first personal consultation.

Contact me; I will gladly draw up the design you imagine or consult with you on the choice of design.


Ralph Salzmann